Computer And A Possible Drop In Speed

Discshould be put in place on these. To all those who are asking these questions this article is for you. A little personal feedback to start. When I set up my agency in 2012 . I immediately made the choice to be very active on social networks. And more particularly on LinkedIn which, as you know, is. THE professional network par excellence. At the start of the 2017 school year. I even reinforced my presence by sharing a daily Vlog. marketing analysis, issues of the day, favorites, rants. This forum was an excellent way for me to address my audience directly. I must say that I was quite satisfied with the result. With 30,000 contacts on LinkedIn, I managed to get between 5 and 10,000 views a day.

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Yes but now a year later, despite the Armenia Phone Number List creation of a position entirely dedicated to video, the results are in freefall. And if our productions are of better quality, their scope decreases. So how can such a phenomenon be explained? If several factors can be put forward, the main one is undoubtedly due to the drop in reach . From now on, to be visible to your entire audience, you have no choice but to checkout. And that is the whole problem! Should you continue to invest in social networks when Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter are increasingly trying to make you pay? Before answering this question, let’s try to understand how social networks work. What is the difference between feed and stock social networks? The first thing you need to know is that there are TWO types of social networks. Flow networks and stock networks. Facebook, LinkedIn.

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Twitter Snapchat (logo overlays) are flow social Phone Number MX networks. Every day, new content is produced and broadcast on these networks. But once shared, once addressed, these productions no longer have great value. Understand no one is going to consult them again… To draw a parallel with television, this content can be compared with the entertainment programs that air on our channels every day. Conversely, networks such as YouTube, Pinterest and in part LinkedIn (for everything related to CV sharing), are stock social networks. In addition to functionalities useful for sharing, the dimension of research, of search, is preponderant. Users are very often looking to access old content Tutorials.

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