Doxing is the complete definition and explanation

Doxing is technological advances bring many benefits to mankind. Starting from online shopping services, taxi ordering services or other services. With the development of technology, social media is also busy making the latest features. The features on social media then become a medium for anyone to share information. Sometimes internet users or netizens unknowingly upload their personal identities .On their social media accounts, such as personal website pages, ages or even addresses. Because doxing is related to the misuse of someone’s information, there are several types of data that are usually targeted by perpetrators in carrying out their missions, including the following: the original name phone number address credit card.

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The following is a further explanation. The word doxing comes from  namely dox, an abbreviation of the word document. Doxing is an  action to research Austria Mobile Number List find out and publicly. Disseminate personal information (including personal data) on an individual or organization. Including searching publicly available databases. Social engineering and social media sites. Harassment, coercion, extortion, risk analysis, business analysis, to help law enforcement or vigilantes version of justice. Doxing behavior is also often related to stalking or stalking. This doxing case is the first documented case. Then, in 2003, there was what was called  which was a  attack discovered by  young. Then further developed by  who extorted doxing through malware.

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To differentiate doxing behavior from other terms. There is the evil intention of the perpetrator in the form of publishing individual information. Without the consent Phone Number MX of the relevant party and used for public consumption, with the intention behind it to cause embarrassment. Humiliation and damage which threatens the target and surrounding people such as people parents, family or friends. The term doxing became known since the 1990s, when computer hackers began to enjoy collecting. Personal information from someone who was the target of their hacks.  Most of the early doxing activities were related to internet discussion forums on . Email addresses, telephone numbers and mailing addresses of individuals the authors complained about.

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