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Combining digital and physical, this new feature invites users to push the door of. The agency to meet the professionals who will accompany them in their project. Nexity connecte agency Social networks: How to use them. The presence on social networks is an essential step for all agencies and promoters. Who wish to promote their properties. And platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or even Pinterest can be very effective – find all our articles on the subject. Even more with the constant development of their new features. Live stream, or the live visit to an entire network. As marketing in general becomes increasingly ‘social’, real estate clients also want relationships more than contracts.

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Live videos on Facebook, for example, are not only a good. Way to introduce a new good to your community, but give the video a 100% transparent vision, a “nothing to hide” and live aspect that engages its subscribers and gives the agency an image that is both innovative and natural. It is even possible to publish live 360° videos on Finland Phone Number List Facebook! , could be combine with virtual reality: by wearing a suitable headset, the user can visit a property, wherever he is and without having to move. This is the bet that Nexity has launche, with the objective of an enhance customer experience with high adde value for the year 2017. Find these agencies connecte in Paris, Lyon and Marseille, and perhaps soon throughout France . real estate virtual tour Messenger bots Chatbots are base on artificial intelligence, and are able to answer questions aske by customers base

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This technology could well revolutionize the search journey for customers. The user could thus on Facebook inquire about the available offers by issuing his criteria on the chat – number of rooms, size of the living room, distance from the workplace, proximity to a Vélib station. everything can be exploite in order to make natural conversation, and more Phone Number MX than fast research.  more democratic and which could help to support owners as well as buyers or tenants. In addition, bots not only stop at conversation and research, but can also inform agencies about the consultation statistics of their ads, they can help inform landlords or tenants of their rent payment by real time, to report incidents So much factual information that can be processe quickly, requiring the intervention of a real person only when necessary.

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