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Communication is no longer a two-way street between sender and receiver. The playing field for communication professionals is becoming increasingly versatile and unclear. For example, look at the current nitrogen crisis. It is not a matter between the government and farmers. The whole of society is involved and plays a role. As a communication professional you have to deal with an overcrowded field of players with different interests.

Information also spreads faster, without you always having control over it. “If you don’t think carefully about the impact and mutual relationships, your behavior or your message can quickly have unexpected (and often unintended) consequences,” says Jaap de Bruijn (chairman of the Logeion TrendTeam and stakeholder manager at Coöperatie VGZ). “Partly due to soci

A practical example: high-tech company ASML conducts surveys among residents in the region once every few years. During this investigation it was established that the residents partly attribute the housing shortage in the area to ASML. After all, the people who work for the company and are brought to Brabant from home and abroad want to live in the area, so they ‘peck’ the houses and drive up prices. Without this research, the company would never have considered that their growth and success, in addition to employment, can also have a negative impact on their reputation and the region. ASML has now started a social initiative to think along with the municipality about housing policy.

Need for communication professionals with overview and insight

According to the Logeion TrendTeam, there is a need for developed communication professionals with overview and insight. The communication professional can help to choose a position and to communicate specifically and personally with stakeholders.

Tips to get started with this trend

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  • View your organization as part of an open ecosystem, with connections that weaken or strengthen positions.
  • Use data and knowledge about support and behavior for customized communication.
  • Connect with (layered) communication to the context and environment of your target groups. Use different resources and messages to match each target group.
  • Opt for interaction and inclusive communication, appropriate for the entire playing field. Start with unbiased and open listening.

John Verhoeven also denounces the importance of inclusiveness in communication and a diverse communication team in hisg“A healthy diversity in your team ensures that one colleague is much better able than the others to provide the right information. select for those specific groups. And is also able to set the right tone.” That article generated a good discussion with other communication professionals. Also read the sequel to his piece,

Communication can make the difference by holding up a mirror to organizations.

Trend 2. Moral compass as a guide

In today’s society we have to deal with increasing polarization and fragmentation. And

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