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I’m sure you’ve dreamed of writing a book. And preferably a bestseller of course. What does all this involve? And how do you ensure that you also earn money from it?

Charlotte Meindersma and Hanneke de Wit explain in their latest book ‘Het Bestsellerboek’ what it takes to write a bestseller. To be clear, they don’t tell you how to write a book, but what you can do to make your book a bestseller.

What is a best seller?

In practice, a book is called a bestseller if it sells a lot or if it ranks high in the rankings. Which is a lot, we don’t agree on that yet. Whether the book is successful depends on its goal. Do you want as many people as possible to buy your book so that it ranks high in the lists? Or do you want people to actually read your book and then do something with it, so that it brings you more exposure or new customers?

Whether your book becomes a bestseller therefore depends on various factors, but in the end it is up to you.

Writing a book starts with a clear goal

To ensure that you eventually sell your book, it mue demand that is already there. If it doesn’t, there’s no marketing ploy that’s going to make your book a bestseller.

There are many people who want to write a book, but few actually do it, because it is a considerable investment of time. You do want it to pay for itself. That is why it is important to choose a clear target and target group in addition to a subject that fits well with the market. That has two major advantages:

  • You are much more motivated to write your book
  • Your book will achieve its intended effect better so that it is worth the time and effort you put into it.

Living off the proceeds of writing a book?

The chance that you will succeed is small. Nil actually. So you need a different revenue model in addition to your book. That is why it is important that the subject of your book also connects to the rest of your company.

In general, it is wise to choose the same target group for your book as for your company. After all, they are already interested in the subject and in you, or in your company. Those are the people who would probably like to buy your book. It may not give you the biggest sale, but very relevant sales and you can certainly achieve your goal.

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Earn money with your book according to three models

Now that we’ve covered the topic, purpose, and target audience, you’re ready to go. Meindersma and de Wit give a lot VP Risk Email Lists of tips in their book about the cover, the title and the content. We are now going to talk about how you will actually make money with your book.

VP of Risk Email Lists

In the regular book world, the selling price of a book is usually based on the cost price model, where the production costs are the starting point for determining the selling price. Do you want your book to become a bestseller? Then you have to go a step further and there is more to consider when calculating the price. I’ll show you how this works on the basis of three models

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