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It is therefore entirely right that Logeion’s third trend is about trust. We need administrators, politicians and entrepreneurs who do not focus on imaging, but on restoring the relationship. Show real leadership! Name dilemmas, be (radically) transparent (for example, look at the approach of the NKC and the development of the corona app, nd take immediate responsibility if something goes wrong.

How can communication professionals deal with this trend?

  • Be uncompromising in transparency, authenticity and consistency in communication. Especially with issues!
  • Investigate where mistrust comes from. Base your advice on that. Organize contradiction.
  • Opt for openness: reason from dilemmas and connect with the perspective of the other.
  • Take ‘the intention’ as a starting point and test the message and behavior in practice.

In other words: connect life worlds, opt for openness and break the circle of mistrust. This is a tough challenge, because how do you convince, for example, the board or supervisors to dand offers 3 principles for government communication to start the discussion.

Trend 4. Technology as a new language

The Logeion TrendTeam states that technology (after language, image and behaviour) has become a natural part of the communication mix. Technology is mainly left to the ‘techies’, but it is time for communication people to delve into it more.

Why is this trend called tech as a new language? Take, for example, the poignant examplfind his killer. Jaap de Bruijn: “If you know how to use technology in this way, it is more than a technique. You communicate on a different level.”

Choose, experiment and learn!

This trend is therefore also a direct challenge for the communicado’s. Take a good look at the developments around you, or what you read on Frankwatching. Artificial intelligence, deep fakes and the metaverse are just a few examples that can change communication. You don’t have to see this (just) as a threat, but also as an opportunity to communicate more Purchasing Directors Email Lists effectively. Make sure you know what’s possible. Experiment with new technologies (what’s more fun than playing?). Get to know them better and discover what they can do for your organization.

Tips to get started with this trend

Purchasing Directors Managers Email Lists

  • Think of technology as the new standard language.
  • Explore what is possible with the help of technology and the combination of digital and behaviour.
  • Experiment with it and become familiar with applying technology.
  • Use data to gain insights for your communication advice.
  • Choose applications that are innovative and that suit your field and target group. Contribute to the deepening of the communication profession in this area.

In other words: immerse yourself in what is possible with tech. Choose, experiment, and learn!

Communication in a complex world

Communication professionals work in a complex world with many different interests and stakeholders. These communication trends can help you navigate your way through this world. Logeion advises to use the trends as a guideline and to discover what you can achieve with them.

The TrendTeam invites communication professionain 2 reaction rounds) about the trends and the application in practice. The proceeds will be used to supplement the trends with examples and to enter into debate about dilemmas in communication practice.

What do you think of these communication trends? And what dilemmas do you hav

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