Culpa Sometimes Even The Biggest Groups Make Big Mistakes

Stand out and face a price war and a certain trivialization of promotions, we must go further to reach the consumer. Today, Intermarché relies on emotions and affect, by seeking to personalize its offers and its communication even more, and this involves its loyalty program. A personalized loyalty program To stand out, Intermarché offers promotions dedicated to each type of customer , for example you can benefit from 10% all year round on the baby products department if you are a young parent! In addition, each store has its own catalog of promotions, which is renewed every week: large volumes, for example, are more suited to supermarkets and hypermarkets, whereas these offers must be adapted to city center stores.

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Discounts at the size of its points of sale, but also various “highlights” operations with additional promotions depending on the moment on the various Intermarché labels. Digitalization of services & e-reputation And for ever more convenience that followers Armenia Phone Number List can add for its consumers, Intermarché has also bet on its digital transition : with the transition to omni-channel , you can do your shopping from your mobile and have it delivered to your home. Or even pick them up in store., to make oneself available and to facilitate the journey of its customers , whether they are in town or in the countryside! Some connected stores have a dedicated Scan Libre Service application, so you can shop easily by simply scanning the products and no longer having to wait at the checkout.

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Still other even more connected Intermarchés have geolocation sensors , to be able to offer their customers directly in their app special reductions and oriented just at the right time. Capturing and collecting data on is an inevitable gateway today if we Phone Number MX want to be able to face competition, especially from e-commerce. Data is the key, as is good management of its e-reputation if a brand wants to be able to retain ever more customers, by seeking to meet their expectations. Intermarché has seized the opportunity, since its Facebook and Twitter pages are lively, and invite themselves into the daily lives of its consumers with recipe ideas, contests and special operations.

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