Creating a nomenclature for our colors

At the moment of creating any type of design, whether we are talking about a website, the prototyping of an application, an illustration or when we invent a new logo, the choice of colors is an essential part. And surely on more than one occasion, especially when we work as a team and have a wide color palette, you have found yourself in a situation where it is difficult to try to name a partner an exact color. That is when the use of color nomenclature comes into value.

Use the color code

Because when we have a palette with highly differentiated colors, it’s very simple: this is red, this is blue, and this is yellow. So far everyone agrees. But what happens when we are using the same shade of red with different luminosities? Or if we work in a grayscale? If we use light gray and dark gray, we soon run out of adjectives unless we’re reaching for the Color Correction Service thesaurus. Although this is not the most optimal when we are working. This is the first one that comes to mind, and it is directly the corresponding color code. We can choose the typical RGB, the HEX commonly used on the web, or the HSL that we recommended long ago in Silo, among others.

Color Correction Service

Types of nomenclature that we can use

That is why today we wanted to do this article, to propose different color nomenclatures that we can use and apply in our designs to make them more effective and easier to work with. Not only when we do it as a team, but also if we are alone since it gives us one more tool to apply to our projects in a transversal way. And that we don’t have to Phone Number MX be thinking about each new project in which way we are going to name the colors this time. As we have said before, there is no single nomenclature that we can use and, of course, none is correct or better than the others. In the end, it’s all about choosing one (or a combination of several) that best suits our work method and that makes us more efficient.

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