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Promote your content on a recurring basis: it is important to take advantage of the days and weeks preceding the specific date, as well as the entire duration of the period in order to ensure optimal visibility with your consumers. Distribute consistent content : your consumers expect a campaign in harmony with the chosen period, so be sure to deliver something special to them just in time. Some techniques to exploit seasonal marketing Reinventing and recycling its best content over the years It is not necessarily easy to produce totally innovative campaigns with revisited strategies each year for each event.

Redesigned in the form of an infographic

one of the advantages of seasonal marketing is that it is quite possible to rework your most successful ideas from previous years to adapt them by improving them. Propose a different format: A Slideshare that has worked very well can, for happens Lebanon Phone Number List there, I’ll leave you to watch for example, be. Likewise for an article that has been a great success, it is possible to turn it into a podcast, or a video! Adapt your site to the seasons Adding a touch of the spirit of the season to your site or logo is an easy and engaging way to take advantage of seasonality. Like Google for example, which through its Google Doodles , has changed its logo more than 2000 times to celebrate public holidays or other important events.

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Although search engine campaigns

Obviously you don’t need to have so many variations, but if your site lends itself to it, why not add a snowflake or a pumpkin when the time comes. seasonal marketing google doodle Do not forget that this also plays out in Google search results  are Phone Number MX mostly played out as part of a long-term strategy, sometimes they are campaigned seasonally, as search terms can vary depending on events – like Black Friday, or sales for example. It is possible to optimize your Search campaigns by using tools such as SEMrush to consult the keywords most often associated with the chosen event.

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