Common Crawlability Colombia Phone Number Issues & How to Fix Them

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Crawl errors are sneaky, and it can prove to be difficult to trace back to a what caused the problem in the first place. Crawl errors do negatively impact your overall SEO but while they are challenging to handle, they aren’t a dead-end. Today, we delve deeper into what crawl errors are, why they’re bad for SEO, and how to address common issues.

Crawl errors—what are they?

Search engine bots work Colombia Phone Number constantly to follow links, searching for public pages, eventually ending up on your website. They then crawl these pages and index all the content for use in Google. Crawl errors are problems that these bots encounter while trying to access your webpages that keep them from indexing or finding your pages. If you’ve spent a significant amount of time optimising your content but are having problems opening a page or moving from one page to another, it may indicate a crawlability issue.

Why crawl errors matter

Crawl errors hinder search engine Colombia Phone Number bots from reading your content and indexing your pages. When a search engine is crawling your site and encounters an error, it will turn back to find another way through the site. Uncrawled rankable content is a wasted opportunity to improve your place in the SERPs.

Common crawlability issues

The great news is crawl errors can be solved. Here’s a rundown of the most common crawl errors that you should pay attention to, and how to address each one of them.

404 errors

404 errors are probably the most common issues that causes crawl errors. However, data-driven decision making. Use wearable technology for patient insights The technology used by consumer wearable devices like Fitbit or Apple Watch gives patients more responsibility in looking after their health to track sleep, heart function or physical activity. However, wearables have a bigger future with experts predicting an increase in their use in clinical trials.

A Kaiser Associates & Intel study projects that up to 70 percent of clinical trials will incorporate wearable sensors by 2025. The advantage of wearables is that clinical trials rely on rich patient data which is difficult to capture in a doctor’s office. In contrast, wearables track consumer data over time so can provide rich data sets . That said, there may be a better solution depending on the cause, so we’ve outlined a few extra considerations below:

  • Broken links – Broken links happen when a URL you have linked from a page on your website is modified without a specific redirect in place. When a user clicks on the old link, a 404 Not Found error will pop up. It can be off-putting to some and may lead your site’s rankings to drop. To avoid this, you may want to review your website and implement 301 redirects, fix the broken links by replacing the link with a live URL, or simply delete them.
  • Soft 404 errors – A soft 404 error happens when a non-existent URL returns a response code other than 404 or 410. They can occur when several non-existent URLs are redirected to unrelated URLs. This leads search engines to waste time crawling and indexing non-existent URLs, instead of indexing existing URLs first. To resolve soft 404 errors, let your non-existent URLs return to standard 404 errors.

Page duplicates

Page duplicates are another common SEO issue that can trigger crawlability issues. They can also cause problems because bots dedicate a limited time to crawl each website. When bots are indexing the same content over and over, you reduce your crawl budget for important pages. Ideally, the bot would crawl each page once.

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