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In a labor market where the ‘war for talent’ is raging, the reputation of your organization is more important than ever for the recruitment of top talent. Good employership is the weapon against staff shortages. It ensures higher involvement, less stress and more happiness at work among current employees. But not only that. You are also able to position yourself as an attractive employer for potential new employees. And that makes recruiting new staff in this market just that little bit easier. But what exactly does good employment mean? Where do you start? And how do you ensure that you position your organization as an irresistible employer in the labor market? You can read it in this article!


What is good employership?

Back to basic. Good employership means that an organization creates a healthy and safe working environment for employees. In concrete terms, this means that you take employees into account, treat them equally and ensure trust and safety in the workplace. This ir than just these basics. Organizations that manage to attract staff without any problems in this labor market, go the extra mile. They put their employees first and listen to their needs and wishes.

4 examples of good employership

Unfortunately, there is no formula for success to become a good employer. This differs per organization, because you simply have different visions, values ​​and people. The success lies in finding the Accounting Directors Email Lists match between the core values ​​of the organization and the people who work there.

But what else can you offer employees besides a good salary, a nice workplace, nice colleagues and team outings? Do you really have to put that slide in the office as an organization? Or offer everyone a lease car?

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No. In addition to a good basis for primary and secondary employment conditions, the less concrete aspects of a healthy working environment also play a major role in being a good employer. These are not always measurable in figures, but are anchored in the organizational culture and form a feeling among the employees.

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A number of qualities that good employers meet:

1. Eye for the ideal work-life balance

It is generally known that a good work-life balance makes a positive contribution to happiness at work. And this balance has gained momentum, partly due to the pandemic. We see that (partial) working from home is still a norm in many organizations. Both the workplace and the working hours can be arranged flexibly.

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