Changing Domain Names in 2016: 10 Easily Overlooked Steps

I help many companies with the SEO aspects of their website redesign and CMS migrations.

As many webmasters know (or find out from experience), redesigns and migrations can be disastrous if not handled properly. Unfortunately, you can encounter many gremlins during a migration, from technical issues to botched redirect plans to URL removal. And when that happens, you can lose search equity, rankings, and traffic. I’ve helped some companies who contacted me after losing 60-70% of their traffic due to a botched migration. It’s not pretty, to say the least.

The following post covers some often overlooked steps that need to be completed

when changing domain names (steps that “go beyond the basics”). For example, most Germany Phone Number webmasters know that you need to redirect the old domain to the new one (URL to URL mapping), but there are a number of additional and important steps that are often missed in the process. of road. This is what I will focus on in this article.

This is by no means a complete list of all the tasks to perform when changing a domain name. But in my experience, the following steps can easily be missed and can cause serious problems down the line. Let’s start.

Before switching domain names, plan carefully first. 

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Create a checklist with all the steps to follow (in Excel). And then call your hosting provider before making the switch. Explain that you will be changing your domain name, your site details, any nuances you have with your setup, etc. Make sure they check your specific site and its technical setup, then give you the green light.

They might have great advice for you based on what they see. And by the way, you’ll now be on their radar, which is a good thing, considering you’ll be making a major technical change soon. Also try to get the name of a technical support specialist who can help you if you run into any problems. You might need this person after you pull the trigger (and quickly). Unfortunately, Murphy’s Law for SEO is real.


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