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Mute the sound but also remember any source likely to disturb you during your Facebook Live. Such as your telephone, etc. Make the necessary arrangements to be as quiet as possible. Lacking focus and posting on the wrong page. This is an error that usually affects live streamers who have a good number of pages under their belt. A small careless mistake and you can broadcast on another of your pages . Take the time to check it carefully before starting. The idea is to be well prepare minutes in advance and to check each point so as not to forget anything. Or even to be mistaken about this problem of distribution via another.

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Facebook Page application Very weird! but it is Estonia Phone Number List currently impossible to launch a live directly on your Facebook page with your phone without going through the application dedicatd to “Pages”. Take it into consideration or test well before to see if it is not a temporary choice or if Facebook absolutely wants to use the Page application for a Facebook Live to be broadcast via smartphone. 9 – Forgetting to charge your phone battery and breaking down live outdoors The 4G connection on mobile consumes a lot of battery . This is why it is necessary to fully charge your battery or even to have a spare battery on hand if necessary. The somewhat silly but recurrent error if your smartphone is energy-intensive or at the end of its life.

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Charge an external battery to overcome this Phone Number MX or connect to the mains beforehand if you have a socket within reach. 10 – Forgetting to mention the minimum flow if you invite a person live Before inviting a person live , it is important to notify him that to have an excellent video rendering during the broadcast, you must have at least 3 Mbps of sped. It is important to know that Facebook Live does not only take into account your connection. Facebook page. 8 – Broadcast on your mobile without going through the.

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