Case study: a shopping test that is very “smooth”

Shopping test (Shop Quizzes) is one of the effective ways for consumers and brands to profit at the same time. For consumers, they can answer some personalized questions to clarify their needs and buy products that suit them on the site; For the brand side, it can achieve the expected purpose while obtaining zero-party data.

MEDULLA provides personalized hair care services in Japan, providing a variety of solutions according to hair quality, including shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, etc. The shopping test designed by MEDULLA is better in terms of experience and content. Of course, we also explained some small problems in it.

Today, let’s disassemble the 10 questions of the MEDULLA shopping test and analyze how to do a good shopping test. Welcome to the big players in the industry to interact with us in the comment area.

Design of MEDULLA’s Shop Quizzes

The color. Pattern. Etc. Of the shopping test page are consistent with the website style

Highlight “10 questions” and convey the estimated time to consumers

Leave enough space around the “Start testing” cta

Cta around explain what will happen or bring after the click. In the case meaning: answer 10 questions. Start customizing

Supplementary note: if the shopping test is complet. A discount coupon will be provided to the user. And it is recommend to prompt on this page.

Case highlights:

“Step x” is displayed in the upper left corner. Reminding the user of the current pagethe lower left corner reminds the user of the current number of test pages again; both pictures and texts make it easier for users to make choices

 STEP 2 & STEP 3



Case highlights:

However  For options that are difficult to understand or Oman Phone Number describe. More pictures are need to describe


Oman Phone Number
Oman Phone Number

Understand the basic situation of users. And reflect the care and professionalism of users; it can not only help recommend related products. But also serve as a reference for developing new products/controlling output in the future

When the user chooses the wrong question. The “Back” key plays its role


Additional instructions:

However ,The form of presentation is not limited to text or pictures. And interactivity can be increased through dynamic presentation or videothis question in the case should add a similar reminder: “You can choose to skip if you don’t have the following questions”

Case highlights: this question is actually 5 questions. However  But combining the 5 questions into one question in the form of a button not only improves the user’s experience. But also reduces the risk that the user will quit the test due to too many questions.

Case highlight: users can become impatient when faced with multiple options and click on the most comfortable option. Such as the first or last item. Research results will also be inaccurate. The circles in the case are like ping pong balls in a bottle that can move randomly and change size according to priority. The interestingness of the answer format makes users more patient and makes the results more accurate.


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