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The end-of-year holiday season is the most conducive to giving. And the moment is more than opportune for associations to launch impactful digital campaigns with these newly established targets. Digital, a strategic tool for the long term? The month of December translates into a general enthusiasm for charitable actions. Which is quite conducive to launching sustainable donation campaigns . The digital strategies of charities must be part of a long-term project: changing. The habits of existing donors and capturing a new audience, with the aim of engaging and retaining them. The keys to a successful campaign The primary objective of. A donation campaign is to clearly identify the digital channels to be use to encourage conversions and acts of donation.

People who participate

The idea is to invest in visibility on the web. In order to create qualifie traffic which will optimize the ROI. The budget allocate by associations to donation campaigns is not extensible. Most of their income being obviously concentrate on actions on the ground. How then to capture the attention of these new donors, while stimulating that of existing who will Singapore Phone Number List promote the brand under benefactors?  in this type of activity like to know what their money will be use fo. So it is important that donation campaigns correspond to the reality of the world around them. What levers should be put in place for your donation campaign? Google AdWords campaigns Most of the traffic generate to the associations’ websites comes from advertisements in search engines : they appear according to keywords type in the search bar, and because of their direct integration into the results and their relevance of response, they often attract more clicks than organic results. search-campaign-donations.

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Allowing retargeting distribution

The idea is thus to choose speaking titles, which will motivate the Internet user to continue his act of donation on your site. This type of ad can also be transforme into a video ad with an even more powerful message broadcast via Youtube , both in search results but also displaye directly in the reading list of Internet users. AdWords campaigns Phone Number MX can be effectively targete according to keywords, but also according to geographical criteria (selection of a country, a city or a specific area). Display campaigns can also be use,  : these visuals will appear to people who have visite your website, thus encouraging them to return and continue their initiative. Optimize your website Whether your visitor has lande on your site after a search or after clicking on one of your ads, and whether he is on mobile or computer, his arrival on your home page or landing page will be decisive: make the act an obvious and unavoidable gift.

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