Buttons And Above All The Targeting Options

A button connected to your company. Amazon-Dash-Button-Connected Amazon-Dash-Button-Connected Like the Dash Button launched by Amazon, why not offer a connected button to your customers? This would involve offering them. A connected goodie that sends an alert to your company (email, sms, etc.) when your customer presses a dedicated button. For example, when one of your customers needs to be replenished, he simply presses said button which triggers the sending of a notification. All you have to do is prepare your order. Sens’it is, for example, a connected goodie that uses the Sigfox global wireless network to send a preconfigured message (by sms, e-mail or on social networks) each time you press twice on the -this.

Christmas period is conducive to business

Goodie-connected-gifts-sens’it-sigfox From promotional connected goodies to the most innovative gadgets, this year, Christmas promises to be “high tech”. Connected gifts are trendy, so seize this opportunity to please your customers while strengthening emphasizes Norway Phone Number List SocialiseResponsibly,  your business ties. In addition to being an effective advertising medium, connected gifts help build customer loyalty and sustain your relationships. Whether you are in a BtoB or BtoC context, the . You must not only cultivate your customer relationships, but also develop new strategies in line with this period.To facilitate internal communication, the company can use a collaborative platform .

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French executives spend an average

It is used to group and organize conversations, but also to collaborate, manage and follow common projects, or even to share files and internal information. These collaborative communication and project management tools allow you to exchange easily and quickly, anytime, anywhere and on any medium ( for more information ). What to wonder if the growing Phone Number MX development of these tools does not sign the death warrant of e-mail. According to an Adobe study, of 5.6 hours a day reading and responding to emails. By providing project management solutions and instant messaging, aren’t the growing collaborative platforms on the way to replacing professional e-mail, considered too formal, intrusive and impractical? A study of Slack, one of the most popular tools for companies, shows that its use reduces the number of emails by 48.6% on average.

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