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To broadcast and transmit in good conditions. But to receive on the other side it is also important and necessary to have a good flow. We have come to the end of his 10 mistakes not to make for his Facebook. Live maybe you will make others but learn not to reproduce them and share them to help everyone take full advantage of the live. He Google Partner badge WiziShop proves. thanks to this new partnership, the relationship of trust established with their customers. But above all the quality of the services offered. The Google Partner is a guarantee of quality and an assurance for customers of having a verified.

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Professionally competent service. The site is Finland Phone Number List then put in the foreground and sees itself being promoted to the rank of e-commerce solution of first choice. The Google Partner badge is a mark of reliability and quality that WiziShop is very happy to have obtained. A way to show their customers once again that professionalism and performance are essential. Shopping Ads feature for smart campaigns Shopping Ads is a tool that creates smart campaigns using your product information. It is a very powerful tool to boost your visibility. The solution offers an integration of Shopping ads directly in the administration space. It’s a valuable time saver for customers who will use WiziShop, and it’s also a way to further optimize.

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merchants’ advertising campaigns. A partnership Phone Number MX that gives exclusive advantages! Google and WiziShop have set up an exclusive offer reserved for e-merchants who launch advertisements via the interface. When the new customer is required to create his personal Shopping Ads account, he will be able to benefit from a refund for these ads. The money spent the first month during your campaign will then be fully credited to him. The money will be available again the following month in the Google account This is important.

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