Business Blogging Pro Netherlands Phone Number Guide (Get Results Without Perfectionism)

Netherlands Phone NumberBusiness blogging and the fear of criticism go hand in hand.

Criticism can certainly discourage Netherlands Phone Number you from writing in the first place, and it also can disguise itself as perfectionism when it comes to your content marketing.

If you delay publishing your writing — while you try to improve your content before anyone else reads it — you are likely trying to avoid criticism.

What is business blogging?

Writing a blog for your business helps Netherlands Phone Number prospects get to know, like, and trust you while you educate them on what they need to know to do business with you.

But taking on such an important task can feel like a lot of pressure, right?

Once you learn how to create digital products to sell on your blog, you naturally want readers to get a positive impression of your business. Anything less would be disappointing or downright devastating. So … we lean on perfectionism.

The false belief associated with perfectionism is that if everything is “perfect,” you’ll protect yourself from someone pointing out something you did wrong or something they don’t like (which is impossible to control).

The pivotal word in the sentence above is “false.” In the pursuit of perfection, you both perpetuate a false belief and prevent yourself from being as prolific of a writer as you could be.

How to start business blogging

So, how do professional writers run noteworthy business blogs and gain recognition for their remarkable writing — without the perils of perfectionism?

Check out the non-perfectionist business blogging guide below.

Face your true challenge (it’s not criticism)

Let’s imagine a scenario where no one criticizes your writing.

It’s not that far-fetched of a concept because it happens on many blogs every single day … blogs no one reads.

The downside of a lack of criticism is that your blog probably doesn’t have a substantial number of readers yet or your content doesn’t meaningfully impact the people it does reach.

Criticism can be unpleasant, but it’s not the most harmful thing for your blog. Obscurity is.

The non-perfectionist business blogger knows …

When you create content that isn’t boring and forgettable, there will always be someone who doesn’t like what you do.

Keep creating anyway.

Embrace “good enough” business blogging

A lot of people say “there’s no such thing as ‘perfect.’”

Here’s how I like to elaborate on that idea:

When you’re passionate about your work, aiming for “perfect” may be necessary. But what you end up with is even better than “perfect” … because it’s a creation you’ve made that no one can take away from you.

You can care about quality and produce meaningful work without driving yourself crazy.

If you never publish anything because you’re worried about making it perfect, you never get to experience the benefits of having your writing available for others to read.

“Good enough” is not an excuse to publish sloppy or uninspired work, though.

It’s simply a marker that helps you assess when your content is ready to be published. With each new piece of content you create, you’ll have a chance to improve and fine-tune your style and article ideas.

The non-perfectionist business blogger knows  …

You learn how to effectively blog for your business by gauging when a final draft is “good enough.” Missteps or mistakes still might happen, despite your best efforts.

Keep creating anyway.

Build confidence

By now, we’re starting to get comfortable with inevitable things that will happen when you publish your writing:

  • People will disagree with you.
  • A typo will occasionally appear in your final draft, even though you proofread carefully.
  • You’ll change your mind and cringe at something you wrote a year ago.

And as you continue to get comfortable with the uncomfortable aspects of publishing, you strengthen your resilience and build your confidence.

Confidence is vital for content marketers. It’s what enables you to stand for something that matters, think of remarkable content ideas, and attract prospects who identify with your brand.

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