Building big houses with recycled waste materials, Xiaozhi develops environmentally friendly designs

Technology Innovation Pioneer Award”, Xiaozhi R&D, which is responsible for this project, is the only enterprise in Taiwan to be selected. Walking into Xiaozhi’s R&D office, the floor tiles on the ground, the ceiling you see when you look up, and the chairs on the wall are all recycled waste materials for reuse.  Employees receive all kinds of waste materials from all over the world every day. There are thousands of kinds of garbage that others don’t want. Xiaozhi R&D can always try their best to create the value of reuse. b051 Just because it specializes in various waste materials, Xiaozhi R&D believes that the most energy-consuming behavior of human civilization is construction.  The mature recycling industry in.


Taiwan is the hero behind it.

Taiwan’s recycling industry Qatar Phone Number is dense and mature and worth studying abroad They are manufacturing thinking, very powerful, turning garbage into a profitable model, and turning waste materials such as waste electronics into applicable materials, and they have done a good job in the recycling chain. Compared with foreign countries, Taiwan’s recycling mechanism is quite dense and mature, and the technology is worth learning abroad. Few (countries) can drive from recycling yards, factories to schools in one or two hours. This is Taiwan’s advantage. Taiwan has a variety of small and medium-sized processing industries, like a technical knowledge base.

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The environmentally friendly design developed by Xiaozhi

and the integration of Taiwan’s recycling industry have created a valuable experience for the global green industry. For example, recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) can be made into non-woven fabric, but if it can be made Only interior decoration materials or various building materials can improve the overall value, and the Xiaozhi R&D team keeps thinking. you may also like The curator blasted the Minister of Culture and set off a heated public opinion war, lamenting that “the current DPP allows only one voice” 35 years after the lifting of the law [Taishan nuclear leak] CNN reported that the French joint venture asked the United States for help, and China General Nuclear Power said the test indicators were normal 【Southeast Asia In Taiwan’s small silk, garbage disposal has become a top priority. The environmentally friendly design developed by xiaozhi. And the integration of taiwan’s recycling. Industry have created a valuable experience for the global. Green industry.  If there is no good application in the market. The demand is not large. And it will eventually. Fall into price competition.For example, recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate)

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