Build a Successful Resume with the Algeria WhatsApp Number List Product Thinking CPR Model

A resume is a stepping stone to a job Algeria WhatsApp Number List search. How to impress the recruiter with a resume? From the perspective of product thinking, the author uses the CPR model to disassemble the resume according to the productization method.


 The CPR Model of Product Thinking

Product thinking is a clichéd topic. What is Algeria WhatsApp Number List product thinking? The author believes that product thinking is a kind of thinking mode that is problem-centered and productizes the process and results of solving problems. From this definition, two key pieces of information can be decomposed.

One: The problem is the center, that is, it is necessary to clarify who the user is, think about the problem faced by the user, and define the problem clearly;

In the first place have the ability to dissect and solve problems, and be able to propose solutions and commercialize them. What is productization? It is to solve problems according to the routine of making products, and define, design and output the methods, technologies, capabilities and other elements used in solving problems according to the form of products.

gs from the perspective of the problem. Defining the problem from the perspective of roles and scenarios can help people form a conceptual model of the product; the productization of the process has two meanings.

Use the CPR Model to Build a Successful Resume

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Taking the job search of a product manager as an example, a product manager can use product thinking to make a resume, treat the resume as a product, and use the CPR model for a comprehensive interpretation:


Figure 2 Using the CPR model solution to design and make a resume

From the perspective of cognition, every person in the workplace is a product, and it is a product that outputs work value in the workplace.

i cannot pass the resume test. As a result. However, i switched to the product position. And received interview invitations from many. Companies one after another. There are a few interesting and rewarding interviews. The shortest process is a manufacturing company. With serial number 18. After hr gave my resume to. The boss. . Looking for a job is to sell your own product. Use the ideas and routines of making a product to make a resume. A resume is a product delivere to the recruiter. Its purpose is to introduce yourself and arouse the recruiter’s interest.

In the process dimension, the productization of resumes is divide into three steps: deman analysis, framework design and content filling.

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