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We can identify which are the most frequent searches relate to its activity, and in relation to the event (for example, laptop + Black Friday) and thus apply them to its campaigns. Another tool that can be very useful for observing word trends is Google Trends – particularly as this gives you an idea of ​​when to start campaigns, in effect allowing you to identify search peaks and trends. for such and such a keyword. seasonal marketing: black friday on google trends Regarding Black Friday, we note for example that the associate searches begin at the end of October, when Internet users begin to do their scouting in anticipation of the famous promotion day.

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Seasonal marketing: black friday on google trendsAs with SEMrush, it is also possible to identify which query trends are most often associate with the chosen theme. Think beyond traditional marketing levers Beyond revitalizing old content and traditional AdWords campaigns, it’s also important for your brand to be creative. Social media is a great viral move Lithuania Phone Number List between opportunity for engagement around promoting your seasonal content, especially if you know how to harness . Like Starbucks, which for several years has been promoting its “Red Cups” on social networks, through various hashtags. In 2015, he invite Internet users to post their best photos of the famous customize red cup – fille with the special Pumpkin Spice Latte – and accompanieby the hashtag RedCupContest.

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Photos were poste This year, the Red Cup is back, and the brand has taken up some of the designs suggeste by Internet users to decorate its cups. An effective way to engage your community, and to reward it the following year! Redcups Starbucks Phone Number MX Seasonal Marketing Known for its commitment to its consumers, the Starbucks brand is also renowned for the help, particularly in the United Kingdom: at the end of 2016, the brand encouraged various associations to tweet with the hashtag RedCupCheer, in order to collect as many votes as possible. At stake, a nice sum of money donated to 250 associations that will have received the most commitment from Internet users.

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