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Automatic comment moderation Every user can now automatically moderate and filter abusive or unwanted comments. Instagram settings Instagram settings You can customize the moderation by choosing the keywords to ban. In addition to this, it is now possible to delete certain comments and for the most followed accounts, to deactivate them. A very handy feature for accounts with a lot of followers and interactions, and for brand accounts that want to easily manage their followers’ comments. Stories: Instagram’s ephemeral photos and videos One of the major changes this year is a feature directly inspired by Snapchat : Stories . The principle is the same as Snapchat.

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We publish 15-second photos or mini-videos that will be visible as a slideshow in your Story for 24 hours. To do this, you must click directly on “Your story” to take a photo or video, or select those you have taken in the last 24 hours. Instagram, you can utomakers Panama Phone Number List do storytelling Comments draw, add filters (7 kinds) and/or text. This feature is interesting for companies who would like to promote their brand, their products, their design, the people who manufacture them, etc. Discover an example with a Story of Mercedes Benz. This feature is very relevant for tourist places or real estate players: if you go for a ride on the Bumper.

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France agency account for example, you will see attractive photos and visit stories every day. of real estate. improved Stories Recently, Instagram brought three new features to its Stories. Adding links: For now, this feature is only available for with this Phone Number MX badge untitled. They can add a “Learn More” link at the bottom of a Story to direct users to a specified site or blog. An original way to attract traffic to your site! Boomerang integration: Boomerang mode was previously available via the dedicated app. Now, the effect is directly integrated into Instagram, so you can add this effect to your posts on your Story by swiping the screen to the right to switch to Boomerang mode.

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