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This is a real virtual storefront , easy to use, free to install and secure , which facilitates the purchasing process by guaranteeing a user journey and a purchasing experience, on mobile among others, fast and fluid. facebook-shop-with-shopify-2 A considerable reach The most used social network in France has more than 31 million active users per month, according to figures published by Facebook at the start of the year. In France, 80% of users go to Facebook from a mobile . So this new section represents a real opportunity for companies that do not have a website or that have sites that are not very responsive. Having a Facebook page dedicated to your activity therefore represents considerable potential for visibility and growth.

Will reduce the risk of cart abandonment

This helps generate interest, create engagement, attract new customers and boost business by increasing sales. Today, users will find the information they are looking for directly on the company’s or brand’s Facebook Page. They therefore no longer only works Thailand Phone Number List with a few campaign goals need to leave the social network to get information, discover or contact a company. The online shopping function and make the purchase faster , without them having to try to visit other competitive sites on the Internet. Promote your business and your products To make discover the products of your shop, several possibilities are available to you: Share a product on your page : in the Shop section, simply click on “Share” under each product to have it posted on your Facebook page.

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Tag products on Facebook

Promote a product from your store : As with publications, you can “boost” one of your products in particular by clicking on “Promote” from the Store section. Then, choose the audience to which the ad will appear, your budget and the duration of the campaign. boost-product  and Instagram : When you post a status, photo, video or album on your page, you Phone Number MX can also tag products from your store (30 maximum). Product identification will also be possible when you share a photo on Facebook and Instagram. tag-products Add services to your Page This new tool, the Shop section, does not allow service companies to present their services. To overcome this, Facebook has already launched a new function allowing these professionals to add a “Services” section to their Page.

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