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Creation of ditorial content Even if you work most of the time on social networks, you absolutely must have writing skills. They are an integral part of community management and digital marketing relatd to social networks. Hard-hitting and concise texts are essential in this area, but not only. This is valid for all platforms. Creation of editorial content Storytelling is part of the knowledge that should never be neglecte. It represents the art of seducing the public with a strategically chosen story. Thanks to this concept, you put yourself in the place of your community. You show interest in their situation. Attention ! The idea is not to make Internet users feel guilty. On the contrary.

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Storytelling consists of making them understand Nigeria Phone Number List that you know what they are going through and that you have the solution to their problem, and all this in a professional manner. With this in mind, good inspiration and excellent editorial skills are the keys to generating more engagements. Also the writing is not limite to simple catchphrases or short and powerful texts. Knowing how to write means knowing how to create substantive editorial content and deal with engaging topics for your business. We certainly talk about social networks, but we also forget the ability to position yourself on search engines, because that’s where the real business and the stakes are.

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Social traffic remains a weak part among the sources of Phone Number MX web traffic of a website and only the organic and the referrer count for the positioning of the content. Social networks allow a faster gain of visibility (although dependent on its community) but they do not directly contribute to the natural referencing of its content on Google. 2. Natural referencing or SEO It is logically, by approaching the writing, that we refocus it on the web and a fortiori by associating it with natural referencing or SEO. Knowing how to write is already a big point.

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