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The example of the Ice Bucket Challenge Let’s remember the Ice Bucket Challenge which invade social networks during the summer of 2014. The concept was simple and the cause was noble: Internet users were invite to film themselves spilling a jump of ic water on themselves , they then had to make a donation in favor of the fight against amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and then nominate three people who in turn had to reproduce the challenge. An original and effective viral idea to raise public awareness on a health theme and generate mass donations; which had enjoye international success, propelle by prize participations such as Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Justin Timberlake ice bucket Solidarity with Remi Gaillard.

If up for four days in a cage

A few weeks ago in France, comedian Rémi Gaillard launche another form of viral concept on Facebook . In order to raise awareness about abandone animals and in order to collect donations for this cause, the king of hoaxes locke hims the Montpellier SPA. Thanks to the tags to start Uganda Phone Number List shopping live broadcast of the operation on Facebook and the support of many celebrities, hundreds of animals have been adopte and no less than 200,000 euros have been raise. Remi Gaillard But then, how to be viral on? Your content Companies that adopt an inbound marketing strategy use the distribution of content to their targets. Linkedin is an interesting communication channel for this, but how can the enthusiasm be as important as during a special operation like the one I le.

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To stand out from the competition

To get out of the game, it is now essential to play on relevance and originality . Subject, angle, visual To interest Internet users, you can choose different subjects: news, in-depth subjects, in-depth analyses, etc. Choose a theme on which your expertise can be fully expressed in order to deliver relevant content that Internet users will want to share. , do not hesitate to Phone Number MX opt for a different angle in order to offer more original content and therefore to arouse greater interest. Finally, the visual is a very important element that will undeniably help to attract the eye in the news feed. A hint of clickbait? The clickbait vulgarly called “ click whore ”, consists in using catchy titles to multiply the number of clicks.

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