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The digital transition requires above all a change of mindset : although the digital transition is reflecte in the appearance and growing use of technological innovations, we must in no way ignore the human aspect, and on the contrary learn to adapt to these new ways of working. interact with its employees and customers, as well as new distribution channels. It is necessary to train the whole of the company, but in particular its leaders, who very often, for lack of time or appropriate skills, struggle to move towards such perspectives. In France, 45% of the industrial companies surveye (PwC study) believe that the lack of digital culture and environmental training – particularly among top management – ​​is an obstacle to their transformation. Positions will also emerge in the organization , community managers, positions in marketing, which will have an important role in the transformation of the company.

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The development of a transition strategy, and an action plan over several months or years in particular, will make it possible to demonstrate the potential for value creation and to materialize the vision with employees, while identifying the skills woman Belarus Phone Number List who continues  necessary to carry out various pilot projects. Analyze and use the data collectd through digital , companies integrate digital functionalities base on the collection and use of data into their services . Analyzing this data is another step in the digitalization process, which will enable  expectations and optimize their offer. Review your distribution strategy The digital transition is also the time to modify its distribution channels and put the customer back at the center of its distribution strategy – by favoring an omni- or cross-channel strategy.

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Switching between the different digital channels and allowing customers access to services. from different platforms, whether mobile or social. Whatever the product, the consumer public can be segmente according to each person’s purchasing habits: tablet, smartphone, application, desktop, etc. Each user has a specific profile and a purchasing path that can thus Phone Number MX be anticipate thanks to digital technology .: groups with the same behavior can be forme, facilitating their management and the dissemination of appropriate advertising messages, in order to put the consumer at the center of their communication strategy.

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