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For online media this is also not necessary in most cases. Le Parisien, Le Monde are sufficiently well-known media and a good number of Internet users even use the mobile application. Via PC desktop, Internet users enter the URL directly from their browser. Writing However, not everyone wants to be a journalist! or you don’t become a journalist overnight. It is a job that generally requires 5 years of study after the baccalaureate, unlike the ditor who writes on the web. The professional journalist is also the holder of a press card, guaranteeing his status through the conditions to be fulfille.

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Not all courses are recognizd and in France Qatar Phone Number List only 14 initial training establishments issue a journalist diploma ( source ). Thus journalism is base on fundamental pillars in terms of writing. There is of course the information which must respond to the reader’s request and that which deals with continuous information. This information requires verification so as not to fall into fake news. It’s about respecting the facts. The web editors In absolute terms, almost anyone who knows how to write can become a web ditor. There is no particular status or recognize diploma attesting to the role as acquire through a degree course. Knowing how to write without making spelling, grammar or syntax errors is a first criterion that may be sufficient in absolute terms.

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However web writing is not base only on writing in Phone Number MX the proper sense of the term, it would be without counting on natural referencing . The latter is an essential lever that is also calle SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and which aims to optimize its content for search engines. The web ditors If you know how to write, great! But on the web it is unfortunately not enough. You have to be able to create content that will be well positione on a query or a keyword. This content will then be reference by a search engine like Google. When you enter a query like “ community manager training ” for example, you will see dozens or hundreds of results appear on Google pages.

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