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Authentic moments This photographic object from Google has neither a screen nor a user interface, but you will find the photos it takes on your smartphone. 3. Rethink photo collections with AI Artificial intelligence was create to make our lives easier. It’s never been easier to store terabytes (TB) of photos and quickly find exactly what you ned. The shining example is the Google Cloud Vision API which allows secure image storage, browsing and processing of millions of photos. It can detect their metadata: faces, landmarks, handwriting, text and other important details. Details that are generally ignore by management systems. This technology is especially useful for photo editors.

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Google has partnerd with The New York Times to Bolivia Phone Number List digitize their photo archive of approximately 5-7 million items. But they also create an infrastructure, which gives immediate access to the archives of the office. This technology allows not only to cover what is happening now, but to see the big picture. It also allows to draw the context, of what precede the current events. 4. Process images with fewer resources We are told that within 5 to 10 years, photography will be le by artificial intelligence. Photographers will be able to easily manage technical operations and procedures. The images that we will capture, even with a smartphone, will be of much higher quality. This was already made possible when Apple launchd the HEIF format , for High-Efficiency Image Format.

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A format intende for devices upgrade to iOS 11 Phone Number MX or later. It provides superior image quality to JPEG but takes up half the space. Now you can store many more images on your devices and in iCloud Photos, without compromising on quality . 5. Generation of the fake instead of post-production Editing and post-production applications using AI are already use in reality modification. This happens in particular thanks to the GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) – a machine learning algorithm, which improves but also generates the images. As an example, Nvidia publishe an article in which they show how to create images of unparalleld quality, using the two parts of the.

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