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To find out, first of all an extensive analysis is needed. We sometimes see examples of chatbots being removed because they are not set up properly. In thoscreated more work, instead of less, because they couldn’t handle the questions being asked. Of course you want to prevent that. Open door.

Provide machines with the right data

Furthermore, machines (because in principle these are artificial intelligence solutions: machines that are fed with data) must be provided with the right data. The human employee is an important factor here. In the first instance, this must register data in the correct way, so that it can also be made usable.

Beyond the role of the human worker in feeding data, AI solutions are not yet ready to deal with empathic issues. For example, an airline customer contact center needs to be able to make the switch very quickly and seamlessly from providing automated responses (which are often faster) to personally switching to issues that require more sensitivity.

A question like: “I’m sick and I can’t fly anymore. What now?” you cannot have a chatbot answer with: “Thanks for your message. Your flight has been cancelled.” It is then in order to wish a personal get well soon. Human contact is still very important there.

How do you apply artificial intelligence in your customer contact center?

So, what should you pay attention to when successfully implementing artificial intelligence in your customer contact center? First of all, you have to realize that launching an automated chatbot is Risk Managers Email List not a one-time action. Just like your human employees, the bot must be continuously trained and retrained.

Therefore, start small and realize that the project will take time in the long run. Furthermore, it is the bot that learns from the human, and not the other way around. So let the bot ‘test run’ for a while to collect the necessary data. Just like your human colleagues, the bot also needs time to gain experience and become more confident in decisions.

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Of course, just like a human, a bot can still make mistakes. Therefore, make sure that you continue to monitor a chatbot for behavior. The greatest danger for your organization arises if you do not detect in time that a chatbot is exhibiting undesired behavior. This can cause irritation with your customers and before you know it you’ll have lost them. Just like human employees sometimes need a supervisor, a bot actually needs constant oversight. If errors are identified in time, the damage can be limited and a solution can be sought.

Should a chatbot be able to solve everything?

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