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After choosing the subject of the dissertation. The candidate will have to understand what is its purpose, its specific tasks and the path of its development. For this, it will be necessary to determine the essence of the proposd idea, the novelty and topicality of the topic, its theoretical novelty and practical value. This will greatly facilitate the evaluation and the final decision on the choice of a particular subject. The candidate will have to choose the subject of his dissertation before the start of his research. If the candidate has already succedd in planning research and processing its results, in seeking information.

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from secondary sources and in participating in the Germany Mobile Number List improvement of the organizational structure of the marketing department, each of these aspects can become the basis of his dissertation. . So a good thesis topic in luxury marketing must reflect the content of the work done. The most important components of the thesis will be closely relatd to the subject and the introduction. It will be necessary to be able to understand the subject, to develop a problem that responds to the subject, while giving a coherent and organize argument. When we talk about social mdia, the first idea that comes to mind for many people is social networks . Well, it’s much more than that. Social media includes all web platforms that aim to create communities and share information.

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This is why websites, social networks, blogs are Phone Number MX all social media. Any company that wants to be known today and does not make use of these tools will be left behind. These web platforms allow any company to make itself known locally and internationally. Here are a few business successes that have taken advantage of these social media. Ali Baba You all know this Chinese company that derives most of its income from the internet. Present in almost all the countries of the world, the company offers business-to-business exchange services, wholesale and retail platforms, online payment services, etc. As far as this company is concernd.

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