Aims To Measure Air Quality In Big Cities

Read also: Medical cannabis – Albania is the last in the region that is preparing to pass the lawLikewise, the law states that the license is granted only on covered areas or greenhouses or open areas which cannot be smaller than 5 hectares and not larger than 10 hectares. Every company that applies for a license must have experience in the field of medical cannabis, and the shareholder who will have 51% of the shares must have a license from the European or American Medicines Agency, have a capital of 100 million.

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Lek a minimum of 15 employees and the payment of an annual fee, equal to 1.5% of the annual turnover.About 507,000 citizens responded to the questionnaire on the legalization of cannabis for medical purposes, of which 308,000 voted in favor, 148,000 against and 51,000 expressed no opinion.It has been exactly 15 years since Apple brought the first iPhone to stores. It was June 29, 2007 in fact, when Cupertino’s first mobile phone model made its debut in Apple stores in the United States of America.

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Years since the Californian company launched an unstoppable run that turned it into the undisputed queen of Wall Street.And that actually gave right to Steve Jobs, the visionary who, introducing the first iPhone – during a press conference in San Francisco – would say: “This is a day that I have been looking forward to for two and a half years. Sometimes a revolutionary product comes out that changes everything. The iPhone really changed everything. Because it is the flagship of the mobile phone revolution. A device that has changed our habits, the way we communicate, move and pay. The balance of finance also changed, as while the iPhone arrived on the shelves of Apple stores, oil companies dominated Wall Street.

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