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The aim being quite simply to create commitment around its brand and to increase its knowledge of it, Allianz has thus offered quizzes and contests to win a stay, while responding in an offbeat way to messages from Internet users via the y love.At the time of hyper-connectivity, Christmas gifts are no exception to this trend. They even have the odds. So why not offer a connected gift to your customers this year? It is still time ! of 10 connected gifts for all budgets to impress your customers. USB cup warmer Who has never had a cup of coffee at work and forget to drink it? Result, when you realize it, the coffee is cold and undrinkable.

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There is nothing more annoying. Reaction-cup-coffee But we have found the solution to this problem with this most useful connected gift: the USB cup warmer . Connected to a computer, it will keep the coffee cup warm at a temperature of around 60°C. Your customers will be delighted! Connected-gifts-usb-cup-warmerThe connected mug Without brands that do Morocco Phone Number List not necessarily transition, after the USB cup warmer, we present to you the connected mug. The Muki by Paulig is a connected mug that diffuses an image thanks to the heat of your coffee. This changes each time you fill your mug or it is possible to load a new one from a smartphone via a dedicated application and the Bluetooth network.

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We can therefore imagine a cup on which your company logo and your advertising message will appear each time your customer uses a hot drink. -key-rings-gablys Like many of us, your customers have probably already spent time looking for lost keys and Phone Number MX smartphones. So why not offer them a connected keychain. This key fob, which works with the Bluetooth network and a smartphone, will simplify their lives. Among the main brands positioned on this market (Wistiki, G-Tag, BlueBee, Chipolo, Tile, etc.), we have identified for you one of the best models, a connected key ring 100% “made in France” which meets the name of Gablys.

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