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After graduating, I applied for something. Square eyes from sitting at my laptop and cramped fingers from typing. Some organizations sent me a confirmation email stating that they had successfully  received my application. Nice I thought, at least I know that for sure. But I heard nothing from other organizations. Or maybe  two weeks  later. And two weeks later I was really not as excited as when I sent my application. What really feels like an anticlimax is a rejection via a standard email, to which your first name is just added – or is that just the CRM?

Long story short, I think everyone has had a negative experience with applying for a job. Would you apply there again? Probably not. Would you recommend it to your friends? Probably not. That is why you want everyone to have a positive experience with your organization. Even the people who didn’t make it. 


Stay positive: tips for a positive experience with the application process

Nice and nice, but how do you ensure that the candidates have a positive feeling? Well, maybe the following points can help you on your way: 

  • A very important one is the follow-up . Because oh my! Many organizations can still make a profit here. You want to let the candidate know within two working days where he or she stands. Do you only respond after a week? That’s bad luck, candidate gone. Someone who proactively applies for a job is most likely not only doing this at your VP Media Email Lists company. Also send a confirmation email of the application and keep the candidate informed.
  • Be honest and 

Chief and VP of Media Email Lists

  • . In the end,
  • this is only appreciated. The urvey of more than 30,000 people in the Dutch working population, also shows that this point is quite high on the list. The applicant is happy with useful tips for the follow-up and you with a person who has at least a positive experience. Who knows, there may still be a role for him or her in the future. 
  • Test your own application process. Or even better: have an objective person do this and ask them what he or she encounters. Or scrolls. Are there things on your website that are missing and that need to be added? Or are there parts that you should leave out? Optimize the online functionalities, but also take a close look at the ‘offline’ application process. Are three interviews and six colleagues really necessary, or can you already reach an agreement with the candidate with two interviews?

And there are

still a lot of points with which you can make the difference with your candidate experience. Because with a pleasant experience you can even beat a company that offers the most amazing benefits. For real. And not unimportant: of course you ‘win’ the candidate. 

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