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It is possible to post sponsored publications there, which are harmonized in the news feed of users among others, and which appear according to a very relevant predefined targeting (geographical, demographic, by center of interest, by activity, by personalized audience, with its subscribers and so on!). Thus, it is possible to promote its products, its page, , thanks to targeted advertisements for example on people living nearby, or who like to travel, or practicing winter sports. Very effective and engaging, especially on Instagram, advertising on social networks gives quick results, thanks to the objectives that you will have set from the beginning of the creation of the campaign.

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To make the most of all the strategic opportunities offered by social platforms, do not hesitate to entrust your projects to our Social Media Management experts. Social live streaming YouTube, Facebook, Periscope, SnapChat, and Instagram all have happens Lebanon Phone Number List there, I’ll leave you to watch for one thing in common: a live feature. Thanks to this tool, you will be able to transport the user into immersive experiences. Make people discover your establishment in real time, cover a local event, highlight a destination, applied to tourism, social live streaming is a real asset . A hotelier can, for example, introduce his establishment.

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A tourist office can present a tourist, sporting or cultural event live. That of Bordeaux was also the first to do so on Periscope in 2015 by broadcasting the opening night of the event “Bordeaux celebrates the river”. Bordeaux Periscope le Fleuve from  . For Phone Number MX the moment, it is above all Facebook Live which seems to be the most relevant for tourism professionals, even if Instagram has not said its last word. The snapshot social network has just released its live version. Its Stories are already very popular with brands: live should attract even more professionals compared to its competitor SnapChat.

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