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Yep, the current trend: experience. This is mainly because we are already used to a lot. We have already seen and experienced a lot. In addition, we now know that our subconscious and emotional brain makes the decisions in about 95% of the cases. You cannot convince that emotional brain with facts and figures. But with experience and emotion: we are touched by that. Adding a button provides such an experience. Just look at this example from Walibi.

Party at the toilet in Walibi

There is a big red button near the mirror in the toilets. When you press that button, a big disco light starts and the music goes to level 10. Party with us at the toilet. A good surprise and this short experience suits the audience well and strengthens the brand.

Reason 3: peak-End-Rule

If we are talking about influencing the subconscious brain, then the name Daniël Kahneman quickly comes up. The Nobel laureate says we don’t usually make decisions rationally. Instead, we use mental shortcuts to save time and enone of them.

Kahneman discovered that we only remember the peaks (both positive and negative) and the end of a long-term experience. The rest are watered down.

If you have a good positive peak in a holiday (for example a fantastic concert, sleeping under the stars, bungee jumping, diving with colorful fish…), then your memories of that holiday are a lot more positive than if all days were almost the same (nice chilling on the beach, without real highlights).

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The Press For Champagne button

The owner of restaurant Bob Bob Ricard wanted to distinguish himself from other just-too-expensive restaurants in VP Facility Manager Email Lists London. The Peak-End-Rule helped. He came up with a good positive peak experience with a button in the lead: the Press For Champagne Button.

Chief and VP of Facilities Email Lists

Each table has a button that reads ‘Press for champagne’ . If you press the button, the service will bring you champagne within a few minutes. The restaurant now sells the most champagne of all restaurants in London and has become a ‘ reason-to-travel ‘. People come to this restaurant especially for this button. Hellooo extra sales!

Reason 4: sympathy

Another reason to build a button into your business is because it can contribute to the sympathy for your company. And that sympathy is an important influencing technique, Robert Cialdini already let us knoffiliate).

Magic Castle Hotel in L

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