8 Key Content Metrics

When you start posting a video, it is useful to check which hashtags are interesting and relevant. You can of course come up with your own original hashtag that is relevant to your organization, such as #werkenbijjumbo or #werkenbijdeefteling. Is your organization less known? Then use the following hashtags:

  • #recruitment, 329.1 million impressions
  • #side job, 21.3 million impressions
  • #highest paid, 9.2 million impressions
  • #workat, 6 million impressions
  • #internships, 1.4 million impressions

You can also reach the target group of your vacancy by using a hashtag with a location, for example #denbosch or #breda. Curious about the most popular hashtags ‘ of TikTok. Here you will find a handy overview of all trends and tr

3. Involve your employees

Are your employees already on TikTok? Then you have an edge. Create a company profile and like the content of your employees. This way, visitors to your TikTok page can also find the videos of your employees. You can also use the ‘ Stitch Tool’ . With this tool you can create a new video in which you can comment on the content of your employees. Your comment makes up Finance Directors Email Lists the left half of the video and the original content makes up the right half of your video. This gives future employees a good picture of your organization. You can also create your own hashtag for your employees to use in their videos. The more popular your hashtag, the more viewers your videos will generate.

Finance Directors Email Lists

4. Share your experiences

Are you a recruiter yourself? Then profile yourself via TikTok. Give applicants useful tips and record videos about funny situations and do’s & don’ts during an interview. Nice topics are, for example, ‘3 smart questions during your job interview’ or ‘The 5 most frequently asked questions during a job interview’. You can also create a series of videos with funny application situations or different types of applicants.

5. Promote your vacancies

As on all social media platforms, you can also work with advertisements on TikTok. You can easily create and manage the ads via the TikTok ads manager. The composition of the target group is very specific. You can target people who have shown interest in certain types of content in the past 14 days. This way you can reach very specific people who, for example, are interested in work in retail, education or marketing.

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