7 Webinar Best Practices Sri-Lanka Phone Number for Engagement

Sri-Lanka Phone NumberWe can’t talk about webinar best practices without first covering …

Webinar shock.

Familiar with it? Probably not, because I just made up the term.

But you’re probably familiar Sri-Lanka Phone Number with Webinar Shock’s sister term, Content Shock.

It’s the idea, first described by Mark Schaefer, that we have entered an age in which “exponentially increasing volumes of content intersect our limited human capacity to consume it.”

In other words: there’s just too much damn content.

And, well, it’s tough to argue with that. Just open up Twitter, perform a web search, or check your inbox. Good luck consuming even a fraction of what piques your interest.

That’s a major obstacle for content creators, but not a substantial threat to content marketing.

What it does mean is that your content marketing strategy better start with creating the highest quality, most audience-focused content possible — because that is the only way to have a smidge of a chance at getting and keeping your target audience’s attention.

Which brings us back to webinars, specifically: how to structure a webinar.

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The problem with webinars

I love webinars.

I’ve hosted hundreds of them. I’ve attended a bunch as well.

When they’re good, webinars Sri-Lanka Phone Number are helpful and useful. When they’re great, they’re transformative.

But, in the interest of full disclosure, my ratio of webinars attended: webinars registered for is … not always good. I’m guessing yours isn’t either.

And I don’t always stay until the end — sometimes because something else more important comes up, and other times simply because distractions get the better of me.

It happens. Why?

Well, let me also say this about webinars …

There are just too many damn webinars

If you’re following webinar best practices, you need a minimum of 30–45 minutes to teach something valuable. You’ll also realize that you need that time when you’re learning how to convince someone to say yes.

That means every webinar demands a huge percentage of its audience’s available time in exchange for delivering the promise of its pitch.

Oh, and good luck keeping people’s attention for that long when Instagram, text messages, and their to-do lists are just one click away.

And all of this is, obviously, a major dilemma for webinar hosts looking to learn how to plan a webinar. But far from a death knell.

People sign up for webinars and don’t attend

As mentioned above, a sign up for your webinar does not guarantee that the person will stay, or stay until the end.

Rather than get discouraged by that reality, you can use it as an opportunity to get creative and use persuasive words.

Win over more attendees with a sharp webinar agenda that addresses their active pain points. Make it a no-brainer to not only attend, but also to attend and take notes.

Plus, if you record the webinar and make a replay available for everyone who signs up, you can reach people who are unable to attend the live event. More on that below.

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