6 Best Online Alternatives to Photoshop

We can safely say that Photoshop is a standard in image and photo retouching software. And that any other competitor in the market is a long way from it. But, on many occasions, we must ask ourselves a question: is Photoshop the ideal program for my needs? Because Photoshop is a program with thousands of different options and tools. Ranging from drawing to developing photos. And that makes it extremely heavy and difficult to use on more modest computers. And laptops. That is why it is important to know if photoshop. Is really the ideal program for our usual workflow. And if we have alternatives that are better suited to our needs.

They are much lighter tools

That’s what we want to talk about today, about other programs that, following Photoshop’s trail, are much simpler and some of them are even created for very specific production niches. For example, image editing for social networks. Or be able to add a specific filter or a type of effect. Actions that we can also do with Photoshop, but that  Ghost Mannequin Effect Service will offer us three advantages over it: They are completely free (although some have payment plans to expand functionality). We can use them from our own web browser. So we don’t need to install anything, they can be used whatever the operating system of our device, and even from our smartphone. This opens up a tremendous range of possibilities. Now that summer is here.

 Ghost Mannequin Effect Service

Photopea, an online image editor

Photopea not only resembles Adobe’s flagship product in name but has an interface very similar to it. This makes it ideal for those who are used to working with Photoshop and do not have a complicated learning process. Photopea allows us to Phone Number MX work with most image formats, including. PSD files. In addition to having functions such as layer management, brightness adjustments, contrast, different filters, being able to add texts, masks, use of brushes, etc. Regarding prices, the use of Photopea is totally free in its basic version, including advertising. If we want more, for just over $3 a month we will get rid of the advertising, as well as be able to work as a team, upload projects to the Photopea server, and have direct contact with the support team.

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