4D dry goods: B-side interview Australia WhatsApp Number List guidelines

Recently, many readers and friends have Australia WhatsApp Number List come to ask me some questions related to B-side interviews. Some of them want to change careers at B-side, and some are currently working in B-side. I found that even friends with certain relevant experience will have some misunderstandings about B-side. with confusion. F

Let’s have a brief chat in this issue, and give you a basic knowledge of the B-side science, hoping to help you clear your mind and deal with the interview calmly. Read the guidelines as follows:


 How to introduce yourself in a B-side interview

Interviews usually start with a self-introductio Australia WhatsApp Number List can be said to be a necessary part. It is clearly written on the resume, why should the applicant introduce himself? One is that the interviewer is not necessarily HR, he has no basic understanding of the candidate and needs a brief understanding process; the second is that the interviewer does not know how to start, and self-introduction is the first choice to break the embarrassing situation. A good self-introduction can build a good first impression for us, so how should B-side designers introduce themselves?

 General formula for self-introduction

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cannot pass the resume test. As a result. However, i switched to the product position. And received interview invitations from many. Companies one after another. There are a few interesting and rewarding interviews. The shortest process is a manufacturing company. With serial number 18. After hr gave my resume to. The boss.

Taking the education industry that I am familiar with as an example, let’s simulate a scenario, assuming that Li Lei and Han Meimei both work in Xiaogetong and meet to change jobs for DingTalk educational products. When the interviewer asks them to introduce themselves:


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