14 Easy Ways to Carve Out Conduit CN Creative Time for Your Business

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It’s not always easy to carve out creative time, but when you charge for creative work, time equals money. So, how do you find more time to do well-paid creative work every day?

If you’re a one-person storyselling Conduit CN show, working smart is crucial. My business is about helping you make more money with your business.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a little bit obsessed with systems, processes, and Optimizing All The Things.

In this article, I’m letting my optimization freak flag fly.

Let’s start with WHOAA.

The WHOAA effect: What happens when you automate your day

Setting up automations and optimizing Conduit CN processes is … not sexy.

It’s hard work. When I put together a Standard Operating Procedure document, for example, I have to practically nail myself to my seat just to get through it. (More on those later.)

As my friend Ricardo Bueno of Follow Up Boss says, “Focus on doing $1,000/hour work, and find a way to automate, delegate, or eliminate the rest.”

That’s where WHOAA comes in.

WHOAA stands for Work Hard Once And Automate.

Want to increase your income?

Step back from your business and notice the underlying processes that move your business forward.

That’s your main job as a business owner — recognizing how you make money and optimizing the process.

Here’s how to get excited about optimizing:

  • Work Hard: Figure out the best way to do your repetitive tasks.
  • Once: Dedicate one work session to documenting your step-by-step process.
  • Automate: Put the process on repeat using no-tech, low-tech, or high-tech tools.

If automating and optimizing your day-to-day sounds daunting, put that worry to one side. In this article, I’m sharing 14 ways to optimize. They range from “no-tech” to “high-tech,” so there’s something here for everyone, as you’re learning how to create digital products.

Ready to make more money with WHOAA?

No-tech “low-hanging-fruit” optimizations

Some of the best optimizations to carve out creative time are simple habit changes.

Tech needed:

  • Your brain
  • Paper and pencil or digital calendar
  • Willingness to try new things

Start here:

1. Automate your schedule

Notice the times of day when you’re most productive and use them to do your highest-value work. Don’t use those times for meetings, appointments, or errands. Block them out permanently so you can count on them always.

Example: I don’t take meetings in the mornings. It’s my peak creative time so I keep it for my money-making projects.

2. Automate your daily decisions

Can you use part of your weekend to decide ahead of time what you’ll wear, eat, or do in the week ahead?

Example: My week is a mix of “on-camera” days and “desk work” days. On Sunday night, I go into my closet and take a few minutes to pull out what I’m going to wear on my “camera” days and comfy “non-camera” days. I line up all five pieces in a section of my closet. This makes it super fast to get dressed in the morning.

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